Monday, March 16, 2009

Wow, it has been far to long since I have updated this. I've been uber busy with school this quarter I haven't really had time. But now that the quarter is near it's end, only two days left. :D I can update more.

Awesome news!

My cousin has made me one of the photographers for her company. Tenth Row Studios. I shot my first wedding with her on Valentine's Day. That was pretty awesome, hope to be able to do that again. In August, we'll be going to the North Pole to shoot some documentary photography for some Scientists and Geologists. I'm pretty psyched about that, b/c I'll be visiting Alaska and Russia along the way. :D

I haven't really had much time to do any writing. I've jotted a few notes down for the different stories that are running through my head. Though i did update "The Forgotten Past" once or twice. Have yet to come up with anything for "Future Revelation" which makes me a bit sad. But in a way not. It's hard to write to stories for the same fandom with different characters and plots and such. So I'm probably going to have to put it on hiatus until I can get the first part to "TFP" finished. (b/c there will be a sequel to it.) Then I've also been working on a timeline for my original story that still doesn't have a name. And then I've recently began working on a Tokio Hotel fanfic, that was inspired by a friend of mine. She merely mentioned something about Tom and it started playing in my head. lol. don't you just love it when that happens? Especially when you don't have any paper or pencil near you. Thank god for coputers and microsoft word. :D

um...I'd say that about it for now. nothing to important has happened.

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