Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Christmas EVER...

Yes, that's right. This year has been one of the best ever. It was completely stress free. No annoying family dinners, no messy cleanups, no last minute shopping. I'm glad that my family doesn't really celebrate this holiday anymore. I got some much needed R&R, since work has been pure hell these past few days. What with everyone coming in buying last minute things and groceries. I spent my day sleeping in until around 3:30pm, then woke up slowly, got up made me something to eat. Put in Doctor Who "the parting of the ways" (my doctor's last episode before Tennant took over.) enjoyed the peace and quiet that is rare in my household. Then took a shower drove over to see a friend and return her DVD's that I've had for a while (Doctor Who) and then came back home. Walked over to the fire station to hang out with Daddy Krieg for a while. Just sitting back and watching some football reruns and chatting. My day was GREAT! It's sad to see it end though. B/c later this afternoon I get to go into work and put up with all the "Day after Christmas Sale" we have every year. Bleh! I truly feel sorry for those of us who have to work at these horrid events. So many things happen, people get trampled and fight over the most ridiculous material stuff. It's absolutely insane if you ask me. And pointless to boot. It's not like they acctually NEED this stuff immediately. Most of them just put it up for next year. Which between now and then, they'll most likely loose or forget where they put the blasted stuff....rolls eyes...Anyways, I do hope that everyone had a good, safe Christmas and that they got everything that they wanted. If not, atleast you got to spend it with loved ones. ^_^

Peace out!

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